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As we trace back the line of our interventions , we came to realize the many ways our garments had been used on a performance setting or in the theater of life. In reality, we like to dress real and aware women, so we take care of every little detail for sturdy treatment in office-like, romance-driven, or visual-poetic scenarios.  As a woman designing for women Sally makes use of her intuition, integrity and invention (as Paul Rand) in a way that patterns develop themselves as if they were living creatures. So often you can see new versions of shirts, skirts or dresses often with improvised one-of-a-kind layering system. 

In theatre, our latest intervention on the performing arena is with Karen Langevin. This month she will perform Ojo a al Detalle ,her latest dance-experiment. Our past rooster cover great Caribbean performers  such as: Aravind Adyanthaya, Pedro Adorno , and Tania Rosario.